#OptOutside on #BlackFriday

My Idea of Black Friday

Happy Black Friday! LOL…I’ve never shopped the day after and normally have chosen to #OptOutside by hiking or running or at least just walking. Today was no different as I chose to repeat my run from yesterday. Here in San Luis Obispo county we are blessed to have Bob Jone’s Trail, south end of the county in Avila Beach. If you park in the parking lot, you can run all the way down to the Port San Luis Pier and back, a 8.5 mile run. Today I was lucky enough to run with my neighbor; she’s speedy!

Avila Beach North Side

How can you beat that? California is VERY lucky to have such gorgeous falls and winters, really some of our best weather. It was warm and sunny, a perfect run. We averaged a 10.14, I think slower for her and a bit faster for me. I’m lucky nowadays to have sub 10 minute miles for longer runs.

Anyway, we chatted and ran; so busy in fact chatting that I barely took photos! Normally I stop a million times when it’s pretty as I am just so overwhelmed by the beauty. She got a giggle out of me stopping to tag the pier for the turn around; maybe left over from the mile relay in school or tapping the pool as I flipped around? I guess the therapist in me could ponder whether I’m OCD! But I gotta do it!

After the turn around it was back up the valley to the car. Lots of people out but still not crowded on the trail or the parking lot. It’s a paved trail too so great for bikes, skateboards, skates, etc. I love seeing the retired couples out there; always holding hands. The LMFT in me LOVES that! The trail also travels by the golf course and strangely enough seeing the golfers gives me hope that one day I too will spend my retired days in golf playing bliss. I stink as a player but sure love the sport! As a thinker and introvert, I am in my head a lot and the only times I am really completely out of my head is tennis and golf! So exhilarating for me to be TOTALLY present.

We made it back up and drove home with the sun roof open since it was such a pretty day. Once home, it was time for a second breakfast, some foam rolling and core (PLANKS). I plan to walk the dogs, then some yoga later. My favorite style for awhile is yin yoga (more on that in another post).

My Mid Life Crisis: Westie Rocky

Outfit today: Lululemon tank from SeaWheeze 2015, Moving Comfort Bra, Lorna Jane Tennis Skirt (used as running skirt), ProCompression socks made in collaboration with #WeRunSocial, Newton Gravity, Nike + Watch, Garmin Vivofit. Dog an added accessory.

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