Weekly Workout Recap

SO my Motto: I am Enough and I have Enough

As a therapist, I will throw in some positive psychology every now and then; the above really speaks to me as I work with clients (heck most of us are the same) that got the message (either externally or internally) that they weren’t enough. Breaks my heart when I see such vibrant, full humans sitting in front of me, with so much worth and value, but they don’t believe it. So I’ve made it my mission to help others see that they are SO darn worthy and are much needed and wanted here on earth. The Universe doesn’t make mistakes!

Ok, this past week was coming after a HUGE workout weekend (recap of other workouts to come) and Monday through Wednesday was fitting in a 5 day work week into 3 (holiday week) days. I started off Monday with some much needed yoga.

Zen with an Edge

I love yoga, especially yin and restorative. SO great for runners. I hopped on my yoga mat and got it done in the morning before a very busy work day. Wearing Athleta tank and shorts, old yoga mat in one of my favorite colors and my tattoos. I will probably say more about my tattoos in another post but suffice it to say, they mean a lot to me. Very spiritual for me. I have the elements on my forearms and feet. This is fire “Set your life on fire” Rumi quote, and the other is air, so Dum Spiro Spero (Latin for while I breathe, I hope). Love looking at these as I manipulate the poses. After this some meditation and prayers, then work.

LuLuLemon Soul Cycle Tights and Injinji Socks

Tuesday was a little spin on the spin bike at home. I am not teaching spin or yoga right now but I sure do love how I know how to. Used a playlist and routine for hills that kicks my butt. I LOVE skulls and like to say I am “zen with an edge”. HEE HEE!

Orange and Blue

Wednesday looked to be another busy day so it was early morning yoga, core workout with the BOSU ball and Kettle Ball weights. Started working with the half BOSU ball (with the flat back) and love it. Had a little help from the dogs always with any at home workout. Missed doing Beach Body this week but just not enough time.

Momentum Jewelry and Fierce Forward for Life Jewelry

Love both of these messages. Forward Relentless Progress is a saying I love that Ultra Runners use and my other bead bracelet says committed. You have to be committed to anything you want in life…if you want it bad enough you will get it. And I believe you have to make continued progress moving forward, no matter how small. I am not only committed to my health and wellness, I am committed to me. Went back to school as a very poor single mom, put myself through school, competed in bodybuilding contests, raced…you name it. I have worked hard to create the life I want and one that serves me and my family. These messages remind me to stay the course and to be proud of my accomplishments.

Procompression.com “TheGibblers”

Thursday was Thanksgiving and a nice long run on tap. 8.5 miles of pure bliss at the beach.

Avila Beach, California

This view, right?!? Very lucky in California, our fall and winters are mild.

Pina Colada Smoothie (Vegan)

YUM! I love recovery! Plus I love to cook and bake. Always so relaxing and one of my few creative outlets. I am NOT crafty but I can cook.

IMG_6017 (1).jpg
Procompression #werunsocial socks
Avila Beach

Friday was another beach run, 8.5 miles, repeat from Thursday but this time with a good girl friend. I rarely run with others so this was a huge treat. A win win!

Cal Poly SLO Orchards

Saturday was a 4 mile run through campus (Alum of Poly so always a fun time) and then home for dog walk (that’s a daily thing with 2!) and then yoga, foam rolling and core.

Sunday is normally the only day I would have time to take a yoga class but this Sunday I was enjoying my quiet time too much, so yoga at home, dog walk and then family time.

Hope your week was amazing!

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