Vacation Week 1 Recap & Night November

Weekly Recap from slacker runner 😊

Slacker Runner

Winter has arrived.   The last few nights have been in the 20’s-yippie.   😓  I will adjust but haven’t just yet.  My toes feel like Popsicles.  Between a long, cold hike and the frozen Turkey Trot last week they still feel frozen.  But besides that, I put more miles on my legs last week than I had in any training week in a long time.   Yay for vacation!

Monday– 4.5 miles- progression.  I chatted about that in this post but this was a good run.  It wasn’t the speediest but it felt comfortable.   I hadn’t felt that in a while while running.  😃

Tuesday– Rest.  With 8 miles on Sunday and then Monday’s run I decided to implement a 2 days on/ 1 day off schedule for vacation.  I figured my inherent laziness would kick in at some point but I also didn’t want to push too hard too…

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