Therapist Heal Thyself and Week Recap

I’m Back!


Some of you may know that I’m a psychotherapist. Normally I do a great job of practicing what I preach but lately I’ve broken my top two rules for having a balanced life; boundaries and saying “no” without feeling responsible for everyone else. I’ve been working from sunup to sundown, leaving no room for running. Ouch! That’s totally no Bueno. I’m of no use to anyone, especially my clients, if I’m not taking care of me.

I don’t know about you, but running (and yoga and mediation) create abundance for me, expansiveness and love. When I’m not practicing what I preach, I feel small, lose my strength and ultimately myself. I start acting out of scarcity and get tight (literally and figuratively) and also honestly resentful. I’m not a good victim or martyr. So after three days of missing running, I started creating space and saying “no”. And guess what? Everyone survived. Including me. Well, more than survive, I started to feel alive again, like a fricking rock star actually. Running builds self efficacy; us runners make plans and stick to them. This builds on itself and then when we smash goals, and PRs, we really feel expansive and strong and like the bad asses we are!

Even in the Rain (Sun After)

So I’ve revised my training plan, revised my work schedule and built in time for some cross training too. And I’m learning to get out there when I can, saving the rest days for a truly too busy day. I got out lately in the rain for two fabulous trail runs (I totally don’t melt!) and was blessed to be able to run with a friend. Chatting with her and watching the king tides (very high) down at Avila Beach made my day.

Me and my girl Stefanie

We’ve actually been able to do this run twice and I am looking forward to many more.I also ran with my friend Adrienne a few weeks back and need to plan more of those too. So nice to run and chat and catch up! Plus I swear we process stuff so well during those runs!


Other happenings; I ordered this great virtual race kit from and LOVE it. I did the 10K today and wore the tank top. The medal is hung up on on of their awesome medal hangers and I will use the necklace and bag; great deal for the price and I plan to do some of these virtual races again.

My New Medal Hanger and Medals

I also ordered this awesome medal hanger from SO fantastic! I love Pre and had a crush on him when I was little. Would have TOTALLY dated him if I could too! These are some of my medals for the last few years. I plan to order some more; it really is a rush and motivation to see these hanging. They get me out the door! (As does the accountability of this blog).

My New Baby

SO, I broke down and bought one of these. I swear Garmin has a great PR strategy; all of us runners advertise for them on Instagram and Twitter! I saw a million of these pics (#fenix3) and I learned just how cool it really is. I’m still learning how to use it, and I feel SO ridiculous owning it and not using so it is making me run…anyway, I LOVE it thus far. Really brilliant technology and easy to use. They have other styles and bands too.

My Trail Run

One of the many places I run; so pretty right?!? Really lucky to live in a spot where there are beach runs and trails run right out my door. This was after one of the rains and before another. YAY for California getting rain and it’s been fun to run in it. We are also lucky here as it doesn’t get too cold here (well I run hot) so I don’t have to totally bundle up to enjoy. I swear I start to cry when I am out here; I spend the time in prayer and meditation, in pure gratitude for my life and I remind myself of my favorite mantras “I am enough and I have enough.” Running feeds my soul and on the trails I am just beyond fed.


Speaking of fed, do you guys juice or smoothie? I do both and really love it. I have chrohns and celiac so doing both is very helpful for that. This one pina colada. I’m on a kick with them lately; I also drink green juice almost daily and swear by it. We grew up drinking it and I can attest I am rarely sick.

Montana de Oro Bike

And last photo and blurb is about getting back on the bike for 2016. I don’t like downhill (well actually love going up but petrified of coming down) as I’ve crashed WAY too many times but love cross country and some rolling hills. Plan to do more of this in 2016 as well as Beach Body, TRX and always yoga. On that note, my sports Active Release Technique guy, Michael at Moore Recovery, and my massage gal Jenna both said they can tell I’ve been working on foam rolling, stretching, yoga and such. Awesome to know it pays off! Enjoy your runs!

7 thoughts on “Therapist Heal Thyself and Week Recap

  1. One of my goals for the Last 100 Days, was to strengthen my daily devotional and meditation practice, and I’m excited that as the year is closing out, I’ve been pretty true. And I can tell when my morning has gotten away from me and I forgot my morning meditation… and frequently I stop and sit, even if it is just for 5 minutes! So I’m glad that you are making time for yourself and your well-being, it’s hard to nourish others when your own cup is empty. I have to remind myself that it’s not selfish to take care of myself – and some days the reminder actually works! πŸ™‚

    But… virtual races? I’ll have to look into that – it sounds right up my alley!

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  2. Great post! I love the dog photo bomb in the pic up top. πŸ™‚ I really need to get down to Avila to run someday! Actually I really need to just get my butt out the door to run. I should also try meditation or yoga, something to calm myself somehow. Great virtual race swag, i will have to check that site out!

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    1. Thanks! That’s Rocky trying to steal a part of the action. 😊 Avila is such a fun place to run. I also love HWY 1; you can go forever on it, the cars seem to stay away and its scenic.


  3. Oh man, I am so bad as I never roll, stretch, or meditate! I am not sure why but it’s always the first thing on my to-do list that gets scratched. I need to change that! We are so very fortunate to live in a place where the weather does always agree with runners. I mean it can get hot at times, but generally, it’s perfect. Ha I sort of had a crush on Jared Leto who plays Pre in the the movie! I love his band and have seen them a few times. Last time I saw them, I stood in a huge line to get him to sign my CD and let me tell you…he is way more gorgeous than you can tell from TV. Those eyes. His brother looks like him as well (also in the band – 30 Seconds to Mars). Anyhow, happy running Heather! Nice collection of medals you got there!!


    1. You know, it was only this summer got I got serious about the foam roller and stretch. I ‘ve also been seeing a great Active Release Technique sports therapy guy here locally and it has helped so much.
      Yes, we are so lucky to live in California where the weather is always easy. I would DIE to meet Jared Leto, love his music and acting plus he is a cutie! Thank you! I am SO glad I found my passion for the sport again.


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