#nuunlove #nuunbassador

Thrilled beyond belief! I came home to the best email ever! I’ve been chosen to represent Nuun (nuun.com) portable hydration for 2016! This is a product I know and love, one I use, and I am also joining the ranks of fellow runners and athletes who I admire. It is such a fierce tribe and I am so honored to be a part! Stay tuned for more! nuun.com #nuunlove #nuunbassador

7 thoughts on “#nuunlove #nuunbassador

      1. Yay #teamwatermelon I Love it! I have a Nuun trucker hat that I like, but now that we have a top secret discount, I’m looking forward to getting some more gear. Can’t wait to see what’s in our first goodie shipment!

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