Workout Recap and Musings

As 2015 draws to a close, I’ve started to get my 2016 goals set. I’ve also been setting up my race calendar and I am finding there are just not enough weekends in a month! I want to race two races every weekend of every month of 2016. Needless to say, I will still have to write that post. I have set the intention to run 40 miles a week every month of 2016. As you know I’m a therapist and I love using the enneagram test ( with clients. I’ve also tested myself (of course) and I am a 7. That’s an enthusiast; so it isn’t surprising I jump, say yes, and figure it out on the way down! HAHA. I’ve also learned that racing every weekend and committing to running more than I can just isn’t good for self care, my little family or my sanity. That’s why it’s 40 instead of 50 miles. If I can do the 50, I will, but the 40 is doable with planning. Speaking of planning, who else food preps on Sunday? I first started doing this when I was in figure bodybuilding and I’ve carried it forward. When I am disciplined enough to do it, my week is SO much easier. I can work and run with ease and I have plenty of energy for both.

I have found that with my celiac and Chrohns/Colitis, I do better with gluten free (duh) and also limit to dairy and meat. I can’t call myself a full fledged vegan or vegetarian (have been in the past as well as raw food and macrobiotic) since I still eat dairy or meat sometimes, but as I feel better and better, I am moving away from that. Funnily enough my little Westie can’t eat gluten either and has a totally wonky stomach. As I sit here typing this, his belly is all gurgling!  So I am posting some pictures of my fav cookbooks and will also highlight some awesome blogs I’ve found. One of these blogs is with Robin Runner. She is such an awesome lady and I can’t wait to meet her in person. She is a runner, vegan, gluten free and dairy free. Check her out.

Here is her Gluten Free Fig Newton; Delicious 
Love This! 

My total motto! I am enough and I have enough. As a single mom, it can feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. Never felt fear until I was responsible for other beings; as they say, adulting is hard! So when I get scared, I repeat the mantra/prayer “I am enough and I have enough”. I often run with this repeating in my head and I practice a meditation that is similar. You can find the above at Jennifer Pastiloff. She’s the bomb, check her out. Growing up with sisters, I totally love it too.

So as I mentioned above, 40 miles is on the books for weekly mileage in 2016. Since I am a 7, I started early. Total planner and prep is my comfort.

Mermaid Tights for the Win

I ran for five days this week and they looked like 6, 6.5, 6.5 11 and 11. So it ended up being 41 miles this week; totally by accident I swear. I’m not that much of an over-achiever, wink wink! I’ve followed the Hanson Brothers Plans before so this is sort of a hybrid. They are all about cumulative mileage, which works for me. Basically a hard run followed by a hard run or pretty close. I also do well with back to back runs so some of my days were set up that way. Friday and Saturday both were the 11 milers; one in the gorgeous sun.

Athleta Top/Oiselle Shorts 
Hwy 1 in Pismo Beach

Absolutely fantastic day and views!

And 11 in the Pouring Rain

So funny that one day was sunny and the next tons of rain (well at least for California!). Ran this one with a girlfriend and that was epic fun! We laughed and talked the whole time and the miles flew by. Running in the rain is a blast! Totally wet though!

Newton Trail Shoes, Injinji toe socks and Nuun of course.
Cal Poly SLO Campus

The other three runs were through Cal Poly SLO. It’s a wonderful campus with lots of green space, very rural, so lots of places to run.

Walking the Dogs

This is a daily event as well. They know when it’s time; seriously start barking and whining when it’s the time I normally take them! But a great way to add more steps to my day.

Athleta Active Wear Pants and Skechers 
Some of my Prized Cookbooks
More; I’m telling you I’m a Collector

I’m a reader and love all books; bookstores and libraries are churches to me. On a day off work, I am either running or reading. After I cook and eat of course! I love to those two things as well.

Note to Self and You

I’ve written about it on my therapy blog (which I need to get on again) about how most of us grow up being told, either overtly or not, that we aren’t good enough. Either from parents, pastors, coaches, teachers or some other significant person in our life…this becomes our inner critic. We tend to do harmful things to ourselves when we believe we aren’t worthy. So my mission in life is to get the word out; we are all of worth and value, intrinsic worth and value not based on our size, our PR time, our finances, etc. When we believe in ourselves and love and accept ourselves, we make better choices. Here’s to a week of being our best self, of doing things that serve us and not harm us and to many miles of epic running.

6 thoughts on “Workout Recap and Musings

  1. At the last minute I took today off, so after my run I curled back up in bed for a bit, pulled out my phone and looked at my run… my goal is to start adding distance to my run and so I was looking at different blocks and paths I could take to start adding miles. 🙂 I need to figure out my goals and how much I can realistically do! And congrats again on Nuun!

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  2. Great post! 2 races a weekend? I would be broke and broken! 🙂 But it does sound kind of awesome. 40 miles is a great goal, I need to work on getting my mileage back up. Consistency took a huge in November/ December for me. I admit that I do not own a single cookbook. 😦 I really should try to cook more than I do.

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    1. I hope I’m not broke or broken! Lol. Staying with friends or family some of the races and some are here, but yea, I would have $$$ for days if I didn’t run! I love to cook and bake and always make too much; I will have to start tupperwaring it and give you some!


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