Part of the Hive #Honeystinger

Again, I am beyond thrilled to say that I’ve been honored to be chosen for as a Honey Stinger Ambassador for 2016. As mentioned before I have celiac, Chrohn’s  disease and Interstitial Cystitis (basically a pissed off bladder and grumpy gut due to auto immune stuff) so what I put in my body is important. Other hydration drinks bother my bladder (Nuun doesn’t and many gels do the same to my gut. Well not Honey Stinger. I love that about them as well as their flavors and consistency. Not overly sweet, they really pack some lasting energy. And coming soon, their delicious waffles will be gluten free. Look for more information later as I post through the year. In the meantime, get over to and order some for yourself.

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