As If I’m an Elite Athlete

When I was in high school in the mid 1980’s, I ran in track and cross country and had dreams of running for a certain popular company (think waffle maker, Oregon and Pre) and also working for them. To be an elite athlete was everything.

Now mind you, I was a middle of the pack runner then and I still am now, so the chances of that happening were slim to none. But that didn’t keep me from dreaming and it also didn’t keep me from experiencing something similar now that I am blessed to represent, and as a brand ambassador. Bear with me cynics; there is statistical psychological research to back me up. (Of course I can’t find it right now; any other psychs can connect and send it to me)

My rational self knows that I am not an elite athlete being showered with millions and I will never podium at the Olympics, but the way I feel right now is the same, it is “as if”.  I have been on cloud nine all week; to me and as far as I am concerned, I am that athlete. I’ve experienced each acknowledgment the same way I can only imagine elites feel when they get the call from their product sponsor. I am as thrilled and truly soaring “as if” I am on that podium. That’s the key; people benefit from acting “as if” in lots of things. We need to act “as if” we will win the race; our chances of getting a better time increase and at the very least, we have a successful race. We need to act “as if” we have the job when we set out for the interview; we have a better chance of succeeding that way and being a top candidate. This is great visualization for athletes (work with lots of athletes in my therapy practice) and it works for other things in life too.

So for me, getting to represent such fantastic brands such as Nuun, ProCompression and Honey Stinger, is the same “as if” I hit the jackpot. Cause for me, I did. I surely did!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. To these awesome companies and to you my readers for caring. Meet you on the “as if” podium.

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