2016 Here We Come

Chariots of Fire Quote

Well God didn’t make me fast (anymore) but when I run, I do feel His pleasure. I love this quote. I love to run and I feel SO deeply connected to God, the earth, to other runners, to just my heart. So I know that 2016 is going to be fantastic. I have been working on adding mileage back up and I want to run strong and steady. Consistent and with endurance. So PR’s aren’t really my thing but being able to run for a long time is. And more trails too. When I’m out there for awhile, I come back a better mother, dog owner, psychotherapist, friend, sister, etc. I feel in love with everyone and everything. Truly my aphrodisiac.

Do You and Love You

Speaking of being our best self and loving it, and of course as a therapist, I’ve gotta add in some self acceptance talk. I work with so many people who don’t think they’re enough and people with body image issues. None of us are a mistake. We all have intrinsic worth and value and I believe runners do a fantastic job of not only coming in all shapes and sizes, but also accepting everyone who wants in to this totally inclusive club. Comparison is the thief of joy and I am thrilled that for the most part we don’t compare ourselves to other runners. We all get to cross that finish line. YEA!

Believe Journal 

I find that when I journal about my runs, it is less about the technical piece but more about my experience. It’s been fun to look back at some of my runs for 2015. “Hot, sucky run; felt like I was dying” was my favorite. Do you journal? Is it technical or more descriptive? Believe Training Journal at www.believeiam.com



Super stoked I sported my @werunsocial T-shirt the last day of the year. My clients ask me all about it and I am always trying to convert folks to running. My other favorite group is @sufferbetter. I can’t wait to meet up with the #werunsocial crew at some of the races this year; I know LA Marathon and Rock n Roll San Diego will be two races where I will see the crew. Oh yea; Sea Wheeze too! YAY! That’s where I first met some of the group, followed up my Nike Half in San Francisco and then Griffith Park Trail Half. An amazing nationwide and international group of social media runners. Check them out on-line.  www.werunsocial.com

SLO Town Blogger Crew

So on New Year’s Day I got to meet up with two friends and fellow blogger/runners at mooresportsrecovery.com in Shell Beach. He’s my Active Release Technique sports massage dude and he also works on Jordan Hasay, elite pro runner and future Olympian. She is a local, a total sweetie and was gracious enough to come run with the community. There I met up with Ashley, @ratherberunnin, and Fallon, @slackerrunner. These ladies are a riot; we stood and talked for hours after the event in the parking lot! Can’t shut us up about running! Fallon is sporting procompression.com tights and I have on the socks for sure. Ashley is also a fan and has the low trainers. Great way to represent and #keepittight.

www.procompression.com So proud to be an ambassador. The gals are at ratherberunnin.com and slackerrunner.com

Jordan Hasay and Me

@jordanhasay is the BOMB! Watch her at the Olympic Trials in July in Eugene. Wish I could go; Eugene also equals Pre and I swear I would marry him if he were still alive. Total crush on him when I was growing up and have seen the movies a million times.

Shell Beach, California

Where I run; totally lucky to live in California. I’ve lived in different parts to the cities, mountains to the beach and I love it all. San Luis Obispo is about 10 miles from the coast and I love running along HWY 1. Been running with my friend Stefanie and man, those miles fly by with my fly girl.

Me and Stefanie
Bike Path Running

I’ve increased my mileage to 40 miles a week and I am aiming for 40-50 a week. I am concentrating on long miles, trails and attempting to do some ultras. My first race is Saturday, a local 25k Trail Race. I don’t look at pace; I just want to go and go.

How I Fuel

So grateful to represent two fueling sources I really use. Nuun is something I drink not just when I run, but throughout the day to ensure I hydrate enough. When I’m not running, I am sitting with clients. They have gotten used to my fizzy glasses. Honey Stinger is another awesome fueling source (with my bladder and gut/auto immune issues I can digest both) and I can’t wait for their gluten free waffles! YAY! Chocolate for the win! www.nuun.com and www.honeystinger.com

Green Drink

I also juice and smoothie all the time. We grew up with a mom who was ahead of her time and made us girls drink green juice almost every day. I swear it works; I am historically hardly ever sick.

kneadtocook.com Apple Crisp

I’ve also made this quite a bit lately. Robin at kneadtocook.com is a runner and a vegan food blogger. Amazing lady and all her recipes turn out perfectly. I am a huge fan and have read her whole blog clean through. Yes, a total stalker. Seriously check her out.

Love This!

I believe that we really have to protect ourselves and set up good boundaries to protect ourselves from things that either don’t serve us, are toxic, unsafe or harm us in any way. Protect your beautiful heart.

Momentum Jewelry

Like most of us, I love their jewelry and inspirational sayings. www.designsthatmoveyou.com Check them out if you haven’t already.

Let’s own this next week #likeaboss Go!

8 thoughts on “2016 Here We Come

  1. Momentum bands are on my list of things I must have! 🙂 I only started running last year (it took me two years to get to the point that I could “run”) but this year I’m actually setting running goals for myself – 50 miles per month 🙂 And I totally agree that comparison is the thief of joy, so I smile when I read that your weekly goal is my monthly one, and it makes me happy that I’ve encountered you on my journey!! I’m super excited about 2016!


  2. I had never heard of sufferbetter … checking that out next. I, too, feel so connected to my world when running. My whole world is just colored brighter because of running & I, too, have found myself trying to turn people into runners. So happy to have found your blog & social media feeds. Happy running!


    1. They are great. Web site and on IG and Twitter. I am so happy I found you too! And LOVE your job; my original major was English and either wanted to be a professor or librarian. If I’m not running, I’m reading.

      Liked by 1 person

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