Hiring a Coach

So Ashley from ratherberunnin.com hired a coach; the same coach that our friend Michelle uses (thepinkhatrunner.com). Well, that got me thinking. I am not trying to race fast or get a new PR. I want to get strong and build crazy endurance cause I love to run and run and run. I love to do back to back long runs and I love to just be outside. I also love running the trails and I have been doing more and more of those. This is where I feel closest to my Higher Power and where I feel connected to the earth and the animals, one with it all.

So I decided to check the whole coaching thing out. After those two sang her praises, I had to jump on it.

Coach Michelle Clarke at michelletherunner.com or @runningchic was the gal to call. She is out of Toronto Canada and is amaze-balls. Please google her or check out her webpage and social media.

First off she knows her stuff and has the resume to prove it. She won the Boston to Big Sur Challenge, competes in Cycle Cross, runs Ultras internationally and also competes on the indoor track. So basically everything I adore. Seriously please check her out. I just may have her coach me to biking success too. The photos on her site are fierce!

Second off, I’m pretty stubborn and after years of therapy and being a therapist, as well as losing my voice in a former relationship, I tend to speak my mind. She was SO cool and worked with me to find a plan that truly works for me; my schedule, my triggers, my hang ups, my desires…basically she is working for me. I totally feel the love and support all the way from Toronto (where I actually have family so may have to visit her in person). I also believe that this is a true collaboration. I’ve had coaches for track/cross country, running and bodybuilding before and I always just said “how high” when they said “jump.” This time we are a team and I am eating it up. She was smart enough to get me to buy in; and I adore smart, sassy, sexy, wise women who are also athletic. HAHA!

I’ve started following the plan we created together. She is super reasonable in price, has a You Tube channel, sends me videos of strength workouts, had me send her a video of me running, and so much more. The plan is uber dialed into my schedule and she didn’t chide me when I ran an extra day; how could I not, since I had a cute outfit, new shoes and it was sunny. Turned out to be my fastest day in months.

Plus she was so helpful and encouraging with my trail race and I feel totally confident that I will be ready for even more trail races with some solid finishes in the months to come!

I truly feel that I will gain strength and endurance plus a little speed with the plan we developed and again, I feel honored to be working with such elite talent. She is #badass. And the kind of woman I love to be around, hang out with and now get coached by. Check her out!


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