SLO Marathon Ambassador

I’m super thrilled to announce that I’ve been picked to represent Ā  SLO marathon for 2016. So if you’re not sure what SLO is that’s where I got the SLO in my Sloluckyruns. San Luis Obispo California. Where I’ve called home for a decade or so and where I ran my first marathon in 2013. Not my first race but my first full, so the event has special meaning šŸ˜Š San Luis Obispo is on the central coast of California and is a Mecca for vacation folks looking for gorgeous weather, stunning views, wineries galore and lots of outdoor activities. SLO marathon this year will be hosted on April 29- May 1, 2016.

The course meanders through the winery region and is a hilly course, but so scenic you don’t even notice (well maybe just a little!)

The expo gets better and better each year and there’s plenty of parking, view for spectators and port a potties! The course is well marked and manned with aid stations.

Come for a weekend of running and fun, join me! @raceslo #raceslo

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