LA Marathon Recap/#WeRunSocial Meet Up

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YAY! LA Marathon weekend was finally here. I don’t know if I was more excited about the #werunsocial meet up or the race! I got into town on Friday; I was SO excited to home in LA; I stayed in Santa Monica and I could’t wait to shop, eat and people watch. If you know me, you know cities have my heart and LA, being my hometown, for sure steals my heart. I checked in to a host hotel, which was awesome and I will probably use again next year, and I headed out to shop and eat. Third Street Promenade has EVERYTHING! I was able to find the clothes I need (okay want) at Lululemon. WOW, I sure love their skorts for running. I actually wear them just for running around and as you will see, I wore them each day of the weekend. They have such quality; tanks and tights I’ve purchased in 2004 are still perfect.

Perfect #werunsocial Meet Up Expo Outfit

After sleeping really well at the hotel, I met up with @matmilesmedals to head to the expo. Brianna was SO very helpful; we took the light rail in to the expo and got to see a bit of the Olympic Trials. Those elite runners were amazing and I was thrilled to see Des Linden get a placing for the Rio Olympics. After that, we followed the other socks (@procompression) and #werunsocial shirts to the meet up spot. HOW EPIC! There were tons of other social media and running fans and fellow bloggers. I was bummed I couldn’t get around to meet everyone and I am hoping if I didn’t get a shout out from you, I will see you at another race. Thank you to @sharpendurance and @carleemcdot for hosting the wonderful event.


Just a few of the people. Here are some more photos.

@runnylegs with her hubby and Me
@hautechocolaterunner and Me
IMG_6914 (3)
So stoked to represent @nuun

The expo was AMAZING and so much fun with @matmilesmedals. I have loads of photos on Twitter and Instagram at sloluckyruns to see more.

After heading back to the hotel, I thought I would get a good night’s sleep. THINK AGAIN! Good gosh, I could not sleep. So after 1 hour of tossing and turning, I was up at 230. Oh wow, this was going to be a long long day! With so much time, I ate, meditated and did a lot of yin and restorative yoga. Feeling great, I headed to the shuttle. LA Marathon sets you up; the shuttle was a block from the hotel and took me right to Dodger Stadium. Waiting for the race to start, I chatted with a few people and then off we went!

Pink Theme for V-Day!
And After; #keepittight with Vday Pro

Positives of the race; honestly all positive. LA Marathon does it right. The course, volunteers, medal, and the aid stations were perfect. The LA residents who offered us cheers, food, drinks and hugs were some of the best ever. It was hot and hilly; I had meant it to be a long training run rather than a race, but it turned into a much longer run than I had planned. I hit a wall at mile 23; body turned to stone and I was stiff as heck. My hydration was perfect with Nuun and my food was on point with Honey Stinger. I had tons of energy still, my body was just SO stiff. Thank you to friends who cheered me on via texts. Shout out in particular to Stefanie at @avilablue who believed in my like nobody’s business and sent me the most powerful texts ever. I used very skill I teach my psychotherapy and sports psychology clients and managed to suck it up. My last mile or so I managed to get my pace back done and I speeded up, proving it is mind over matter. I hurt but I wasn’t injured and just needed to push through. Hitting that finish produced tears like I couldn’t believe. Another marathon in the books! Biggest win was that immediately after I wanted to do it again! Seriously, that hunger and drive was STRONG!

I walked back to the hotel and had a bit of a cluster getting out of Santa Monica due to the road closures (note to self; stay until Monday next year) and drove home. Honestly recovery was a breeze and I could have easily run Tuesday, but waited until Wednesday.

Now it’s all about dissecting what happened at mile 23. I know I need to concentrate on hills and heat and I also need to trouble shoot what else went “wrong”. Nothing really did go wrong, I just am a super driven person and love to push myself.

All in all, an epic weekend. Thank you to @werunsocial, @procompression, @nuun, @honeystinger, @nathanhydration, @newtonrunning, @lululemon and @garmin for a perfect outfit and fuel.



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