Leona Divide 30k Race Recap

PCT Trail

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I am IN LOVE WITH all Keira Henninger races! This is another fabulous one of hers and I am kicking myself in the arse for not racing this sooner. I will never make that mistake again!

I cruised over Friday night and spent the night with my trail running friend, @dauntlessdiva

Dauntless Diva and SLO Lucky Runs

To say we got no sleep is an understatement. But when you bond with someone, you bond with someone! We actually met at another Keira race, Griffith Park. Anyway, up crazy early the next day and ready to go.


Race day gear included @procompression socks, @nike tennis skirt from years ago, @altra running shoes, @garmin #fenix3, @momentumjewelry (#forwardrelentlessprogress), @milesandpace tank (LOVE THIS), @nuun, @honeystinger and not shown is a @movingcomfort bra and my @nathan hydration pack.

Again, just like the fast few races, my hydration and fuel was on point. I felt great the whole 18-19 miles. Seriously, no boinking, no tummy troubles and no bladder issues. HUGE when you have Chrohns, celiac and IC. This fuel works folks! And my hydration pack from Nathan is the bomb. It’s my third or fourth and I love it so.

My pro socks were the latest Elite ones and boy or boy did they work. My legs felt fresh, no blisters and just perfection. My #milesandpace tank was to die for. Soft, comfortable and fitted to perfection, it worked like a charm. Crazy true story; I stayed after the race and then had the drive home. I had this outfit on from 4 am to 7 pm with NO CHAFING, NO DISCOMFORT, NO ISSUES! I swear by these products. My #fenix3 worked like a charm and I didn’t lose GPS the whole time and my #momentumjewelry wrap with it’s custom message of #forwardrelentlessprogress kept me going the whole time.




The trails were amazing; single track with varying elevation. Perfection and I plan to go back between races just to run this track of PCT. I felt so blessed to be out there! Sure, I could have been faster, but then I wouldn’t have been able to take in the views, chat with friends along the way, stop and have a few prayerful meditations of thankfulness and also chat with the PCT hikers. That was a blast!


Here I am at mile 15 or so; just SO flipping happy to be out there I was choking back tears. After my race, I still felt amazing. Keira always provides a lunch and this time she outdid herself. Soup, chili, sandwiches, snacks, libations…plenty to replenish us all. I stayed to watch my friends come in from their 50k and 50 mile. That was the best decision I’ve made in awhile. I got to meet more trail running crushes, see old and new friends and experience the amazing feats of the top runners as they flew over that finish line. And I got to see many friends set some new PRs. Seriously crying and had chills with that!

The volunteers and staff, the photographers, the race director, all the participants just made my weekend. Still on a high almost a week later! In bliss!

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