Oiselle Volee Team Member

Oiselle Team Badge

WOW, so many of you know (or read in a previous post) that I’ve been running for 30 plus years. When running in school, I dreamed of being on an elite or Olympic team. I loved (and still love) being with fellow runners and the camaraderie is second to none and I have been trying to recreate that same feeling and magic since then. Any community I’ve traveled to or lived in, I have looked for and yearned for that feeling. I’ve found that magic in two places; with my fellow trail runners and with the Oiselle Volee team.


To say I’ve been embraced whole-heartedly is an understatement. Even before being accepted by the team, members of the flock were always the first to reach out on any social media. Their kindness and genuine response to my posts touched my heart. Reading their posts, I felt a kinship to them. We were on the same page about so many topics. Sally Bergesen, founder and CEO of @oiselle posts so many inspiring and thoughtful posts I wanted to invite her to coffee and sit and talk for days.

I’ve said to anyone who listens (HAHA) that if I were ever able to run for Oiselle in any form, I would get another tattoo, their wings. SO, I guess I’m getting inked again! That’s how much it means to me to be a part of this sisterhood and flock. #headupwingsout #flystyle Plus, I adore their clothes and have worn them for years! Thank you Sally and the flock. I am proud to fly with you!    oiselle.com

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