Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Recap

Always thinking of the Dirt

Yep, another race recap! This spring I have races lined up for multiple weekends and they’ve been fun! A week after SLO, two weeks after my trail half race, I was headed to Santa Barbara for the Wine Country Half. On the way down, I wore one of my favorite shirts, my dirtbagrunners shirt. ( Always love to represent things I believe in and running trails is one of my top things ever!

I have family in SB, so I got all kinds of love and family time in the day before the race. My niece had just given birth six months ago, and this was her first race back after giving birth. Spoiler alert; she’s a nursing mom and came in FAST! Poor girl had to wait for me for QUITE awhile after she flew in! HAHA.

She was kind enough to drive her auntie up; the race isn’t in Santa Barbara, but rather up in Santa Ynez and Solvang. My only complaint is their name; call it Wine Country Santa Ynez or Solvang. Anyway, easy drive and the start and packet pick up was a breeze. Tons of port a potties too. I saw my friend Ashley, @ratherberunnin, there. She was pacing for Beast Pacing and I was excited to see her. Right then and there, I decided to stick with her and just have a fun race, chat through it all and just enjoy the day.

Race Day Outfit

Above is my race day outfit. All the regulars; Nuun, Honey Stinger, Pro Compression, Momentum Jewelry, Garmin watch, Moving Comfort Bra. Outfit changes; this time a Athleta tank, Lululemon skort and Newton shoes (although I changed that to Altra shoes)

At the Start: I match!
My Gal Pal Ashley; Rather Be Runnin

Some awesome photos at the start and we were off! It’s a stunning course and staying with Ashley was such a fun idea. We got to catch up and chat; we also met all other runners sticking with that pace. Man, was that inspiring! I just might have to pace a race; I helped (barely) Ashley (she did all the work) get people to get across that finish line. One man had a half hour quicker race than last time, and other ladies were also stoked to have our encouragement! What a rush and so much fun! Highly recommend this race; the course is amazing, the medal was great bling and the people were so nice!

Suffer Better Tee

After the race, I met up with my speedy niece, and we headed down to SB. We had planned an early Mother’s Day lunch with her sister (my other niece) and my sister. We cleaned up, hydrated and snacked and then headed out to eat. YUM! I love food anyway, and after a race, it always tastes extra good. Risotto for me, with gelato for dessert. I can’t always eat the pasta (has to be GF) but risotto always hits the spot. I love sporting my Suffer Better tee. If you haven’t gone to their site yet, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WAITING FOR! If you use my code SBHT20S, you’ll save money on your gear (running and cycling) and they will donate money to my charity of choice, NoKidHungry.


I will leave you with the above; I am a Oiselle Volee runner and I’ve found that since being chosen, I see wing everywhere. This is from my local nursery. I took a picture as they wanted a fortune for it (pretty sure I can make it myself) but LOVED the wings.

2 thoughts on “Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Recap

  1. This sounds like a great race too! I bet it’s gorgeous country to run through (I’ve driven through Solvang once, and remember it being lovely!)


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