SLO Half Marathon Expo and Race Recap

Expo Fun with Nuun and WeRunSocial

If you follow me on social media, I’ve written about how after my last trail race, I got poison oak. I won’t show you the photos as they are gruesome and gross, but I guess I am highly allergic to it and I’ve been covered over 3/4 of my body with it since that race. Today marks two weeks! When I went to the doctor, she said next time I’m exposed I need to head there ASAP and get a steroid shot, the pills and cream. I was a wet, oozy, swollen mess for most of the last two weeks, ran a fever and have been otherwise miserable. But life goes on and so does racing, so I picked out a cute outfit and one that would cover most of it, and headed to my hometown race expo, SLO Marathon. Being out among fellow runners and friends was awesome. In fact, as I was pulling into the expo, my friend and fellow runner/blogger, Fallon was pulling in too. She is @slackerrunner for those who don’t know. Head on over and follow her in case you aren’t already.

I’m an ambassador for this race and all us ambassadors met at 1030 for our meet up. Head on over to to check out our photos. Sadly, not all ambassadors were there but got to see or meet a few and that was awesome sauce! The race director Sam and her assistant Ashley sure took care of us! We each received a super nice jacket and as I sold the most entries (people using my code) I received a little goodie basket. Thank you Sam and Ashley and also thanks to those of you who used my code!

After the meet up, I walked around with Fallon, met up with the Nuun booth crew, the Honey Stinger crew and also the Action Wipes group.

Honey Stinger and We Run Social; Match made in Heaven

If you haven’t already tried out these products, what the heck are you waiting for? Nuun has a new flavor formula that is DIVINE (drinking some now as a recovery drink) and Honey Stinger has new protein chews. The Cherry Lime flavor is To Die For; I’ve run through a whole box already and need to order more! I use them on my runs and also just daily as my snack with Nuun in the afternuun (HAHA). Action Wipes is a local company, small business and women owned. They are natural body wipes for when you can’t shower and have no alcohol in them, so they aren’t drying. I’m buying a ton to keep everywhere! Plus it will help with any poison oak oils I might get on me the next trail race!

After the expo, I headed home to shower, hydrate and eat. The next morning my new running friend Kristen met me and we walked down to the start. One of the best things about local races are that I can do that. We ran (HAHA) into Fallon and all went over to the high school to pee and get in the corrals.

Fallon and I both have asthma and this spring has been tough; race morning was humid and wet, so we both struggled a bit at the start, but pretty soon found our groove. Plus we ran (HAHA, sorry, it never gets old) to tons of folks I know and we just chatted up a storm the whole way. It’s a gorgeous course with rolling hills, scenic views of the wineries and our awesome volcanic mountains. Before we knew it, we were headed toward the finish. Now, if you know me, racing is all about the fun, the people and the experience. I don’t really give a hoot about my PR or time; I just LOVE being out there.

Pretty in Pink: Miles and Pace Shirt and Pro Socks

Laura, Fallon’s awesome mom, captured this shot. I am so grateful to her for this! I loved my race day outfit. Miles and Pace tank, Lululemon skort, ProCompression socks, Altra shoes, Nathan Hydration, Nuun and Honey Stinger. Also have on the Momentum Jewelry motivation wrap in pink and my Garmin watch. Sunglasses are TiFosi.

Fallon and Me at the Start
And at the Finish #Runmatchy

My son met me at the finish, which is always so awesome! We took some photos and then it was time for breakfast! Nice thing about early starts and half marathons, you’re done early!

#BeastMode and More CowBell Please!

I really enjoyed being an ambassador for SLO Marathon and Half and hope to get asked back next year. It was a wonderful experience and I know Samantha, the race director, is just growing it into an amazing local as well as state/nationwide event. It’s nice to have gotten in on the ground floor so to speak. Please check out this race, their trail ultra, SLO Ultra in September and their other fantastic bike and running events. #raceslo


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