Quite the Year; I’m Back!

Whelp, it’s been quite the year. April of 2016 is when I first got the poison oak in my blood stream, a failed 50k in May which resulted in a hospitalization (more poison oak in my blood stream) and last race of that year in June with Rock n Roll San Diego. At the time I didn’t know it was my last race of 2016 as I signed up for probably 8 more, but with being sick, a move and then a whole lot of grief and loss and change and just yuck….well, I won’t race again till June 2017! (Unless I sign up for a few prior to that!) I actually quit running for a bit; with everything and then 6 months of rain, I just hybernated and recovered mind body and soul.

Things aren’t fully resolved with some of the strife, but I think I just got sick and tired of being sick and tired. Somewhere along the way, I just got mad. Not bitter, but a righteous anger and just a feeling of, “nope, I’m done riding this out passively. I’m taking that bull and riding the heck out of it”. I got my flinty back, my tenacious and my bad assery. Many of you know I lost my Rocky Westie. Well, I rescued another, Miles, and he is my running companion. That Westie mix can run for miles and miles! So he will be featured in the blog, as will my fun #runmatchy outfits and my new NorCal scenery. The move was a good one and I love living here! (Near Folsom, California) Loads of green and trees and creeks and lakes.

Thanks for sticking by me and for sharing this totally uneven and trail that full of switchbacks and hills and some potholes….but always ending up on top with a killer view! May we all have peace and joy and contentment.


5 thoughts on “Quite the Year; I’m Back!

  1. happy to see you’re back to blogging. I’ve been following along your stories and you’ve had quite the year. I admire you for your strength and tenacity. You are a shining light in this world. Stay bright! 🙂


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