Choose Your Attitude

One of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite books. We all have lots going on, much, (all) out of our control. What we can control is our attitude. I refuse to yield to moroseness or bitterness. I won’t give the pain, strife or trauma that win or myself that luxury.

I’m so grateful running has been there for me for 30 plus years and as I approach my 50th year on earth in 2018, I’m hoping it will always be there for me. It’s my comfort, my rock, my friend, my go-to. A place of peace, of fire, a test of my will, of solace. I love my running tribe locally, back in SLO and around the world! Connecting with you all via social media is just the coolest.

Currently I’m only running 10-15 a week, but building that base again and still doing yoga. Working on the mental aspect of it too as I refuse to be led around by my monkey mind.

See you on the trails! Or roads!

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