Momentum Jewelry Ambassador



I love this jewelry and I was extremely excited to hear I was chosen as a Momentum Jewelry ambassador. If you haven’t seen their beautiful, inspiring work, check out some of their images here


And here


And here


These are just a few of my gorgeous pieces from their collection. Great jewelry with an even better message. Please check them out at @momentumjewelry They are on FB, IG and Twitter as well as Pinterest. give away

IMG_7661.jpg trucker hat
IMG_7662.jpg “Sunday Runday” Tshirt

Miles & Pace Clothing is “a laid back active lifestyle brand that marries our love for graphic design and running”. The above came from their site, They are a local to California small business out of San Diego and can be found on Twitter, IG and Facebook. According to the site “their phrases are adopted from our experiences and an extension of what we love about their sport and the cities that host amazing races.”

I’ve been following them for quite some time but hadn’t purchased anything. I loved their vibe though, and kept following. Anna Gamboa from reached out and I got a Tank and Trucker hat for me (thank you) and I ordered a Trucker hat and T-Shirt to give away.

I literally just ordered the gear and next thing I know, I had them at my doorstep. Each hate and tee came in their own separate box, wrapped in tissue, and so well protected. There was a personal note and stickers. My family and I were amazed at the care and quality they take in the shipping of their gear. Next I was SO pleasantly surprised by the quality of both the trucker hat (their logo won’t peel off or fade) and also the fabric and logo of the T-Shirt. Seriously soft and no see through. And the logo and sayings are SO cute. I know for sure I will be ordering more. By the way, the tanks and tees are fitted so they flatter!

Please check them out! You won’t be sorry. And to win the pink trucker and pink tee, please comment to this blog post. No particular question, so no particular comment…just shout out to me and I will pick a winner randomly and mail out. USA residents only please.

And since Friday can be a bad day for some of us (Tax day!) I will pick the winner Friday April 15th and then mail out once I get your address. Best of luck! And if you don’t win, or even if you do, make sure you order your own hat, tee or tank from  @milesandpace on Twitter, IG is MILESANDPACE




All the Happy Happenings

My Favorite Yoga Mat Affirmats and Fav KC Knickers from Oiselle

Well what a busy rest of February and March. Can you believe it’s already March 2016? Time is flying by WAY too fast, even my runs are seeming fast, LOL. Not so much the speed but they’re over way too soon.

March 5, 2016 was another trail race for me Griffith Park Trail Half Marathon. There was also a full which I will do next year. As I am adding distance on the trails, I am working on doing it slowly so I don’t bite off more than I can chew. I don’t want injuries but the most important reason is I don’t want to ever lose the my love of running. Like Eric Liddell says in Chariots of Fire, “when I run I feel HIS pleasure” and that feeling is way too heavenly and divine for me to ever spoil. So…I’m working on getting up to 100 miles in 2.5 years, my 50th year here on earth, but I am doing it gradually.

Anyway, the GP half marathon was just too much fun. Keira Henninger puts on amazing races, and this one was no different. My other goal is to run all her races and in prep I am attending her women’s only trail camp later this summer. I will blog about that come June. This half was in Griffith Park, so it was a hometown race for me. I live in SLO now but grew up in LA, right there, and I LOVE going home.

Keira and Me; I admire this lady SO much!
Flat Runner Heather 

Let me first say I was in love with this outfit and my fuel. I fuel with Nuun, Honey Stinger, which I wear/carry in a Nathan Hydration Pack. The whole outfit is a Oiselle outfit, their newest color, SHINE, and I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE! Check it out on their web site and order STAT. I also wore #thegibblers by Pro Compression; one of my favorite pair. I wore Newton trail shoes, had my Momentum Wrap for inspiration, and my Garmin Fenix3. It ended up being a perfect outfit and I felt great with my fuel choices.

Done; Awesome Medal as Always

The course was wonderful and it was fun to run with other #runitfast, #werunsocial and #dirtbagrunners. I seriously am in love with all the friends I’m meeting at these events and my life is so much richer for it. Thank you all! Bessos!

Pretty Epic St Patty’s Day Outfit

Some other runs this month were two St. Patty’s Day runs (no races) and loads of beach runs and trail runs. I am digging joining Dirt Bag Runners and as always I am loving my Pro socks.

More Green and Blue

Not all runners feel the same way, but for me (and loads of others), the outfit adds to the fun!

Suffer Better Ambassador

Mid March or so I heard from Suffer Better that I was chosen to be an ambassador for 2016. If you don’t know about them, head over to and check them out. I will have discount codes soon too. They are also giving back 10% of sales to a charity of my choice. They are all about giving 110%, which aligns with my beliefs. I have been donating money each time I race for years, and as a therapist, I believe we all must learn to “suffer better”.

Scene from my Trail Runs

Above is one of the million photos I took on my latest trail runs. I can’t believe California is this green, thank you El Nino, and I have been in bliss running the trails. Seriously broke down in tears and then was giddily laughing today as I ran up and down the mountains!

I hope you are all getting out on the trails and roads and enjoying this beautiful spring!


LA Marathon Recap/#WeRunSocial Meet Up

#keepittight with

YAY! LA Marathon weekend was finally here. I don’t know if I was more excited about the #werunsocial meet up or the race! I got into town on Friday; I was SO excited to home in LA; I stayed in Santa Monica and I could’t wait to shop, eat and people watch. If you know me, you know cities have my heart and LA, being my hometown, for sure steals my heart. I checked in to a host hotel, which was awesome and I will probably use again next year, and I headed out to shop and eat. Third Street Promenade has EVERYTHING! I was able to find the clothes I need (okay want) at Lululemon. WOW, I sure love their skorts for running. I actually wear them just for running around and as you will see, I wore them each day of the weekend. They have such quality; tanks and tights I’ve purchased in 2004 are still perfect.

Perfect #werunsocial Meet Up Expo Outfit

After sleeping really well at the hotel, I met up with @matmilesmedals to head to the expo. Brianna was SO very helpful; we took the light rail in to the expo and got to see a bit of the Olympic Trials. Those elite runners were amazing and I was thrilled to see Des Linden get a placing for the Rio Olympics. After that, we followed the other socks (@procompression) and #werunsocial shirts to the meet up spot. HOW EPIC! There were tons of other social media and running fans and fellow bloggers. I was bummed I couldn’t get around to meet everyone and I am hoping if I didn’t get a shout out from you, I will see you at another race. Thank you to @sharpendurance and @carleemcdot for hosting the wonderful event.


Just a few of the people. Here are some more photos.

@runnylegs with her hubby and Me
@hautechocolaterunner and Me
IMG_6914 (3)
So stoked to represent @nuun

The expo was AMAZING and so much fun with @matmilesmedals. I have loads of photos on Twitter and Instagram at sloluckyruns to see more.

After heading back to the hotel, I thought I would get a good night’s sleep. THINK AGAIN! Good gosh, I could not sleep. So after 1 hour of tossing and turning, I was up at 230. Oh wow, this was going to be a long long day! With so much time, I ate, meditated and did a lot of yin and restorative yoga. Feeling great, I headed to the shuttle. LA Marathon sets you up; the shuttle was a block from the hotel and took me right to Dodger Stadium. Waiting for the race to start, I chatted with a few people and then off we went!

Pink Theme for V-Day!
And After; #keepittight with Vday Pro

Positives of the race; honestly all positive. LA Marathon does it right. The course, volunteers, medal, and the aid stations were perfect. The LA residents who offered us cheers, food, drinks and hugs were some of the best ever. It was hot and hilly; I had meant it to be a long training run rather than a race, but it turned into a much longer run than I had planned. I hit a wall at mile 23; body turned to stone and I was stiff as heck. My hydration was perfect with Nuun and my food was on point with Honey Stinger. I had tons of energy still, my body was just SO stiff. Thank you to friends who cheered me on via texts. Shout out in particular to Stefanie at @avilablue who believed in my like nobody’s business and sent me the most powerful texts ever. I used very skill I teach my psychotherapy and sports psychology clients and managed to suck it up. My last mile or so I managed to get my pace back done and I speeded up, proving it is mind over matter. I hurt but I wasn’t injured and just needed to push through. Hitting that finish produced tears like I couldn’t believe. Another marathon in the books! Biggest win was that immediately after I wanted to do it again! Seriously, that hunger and drive was STRONG!

I walked back to the hotel and had a bit of a cluster getting out of Santa Monica due to the road closures (note to self; stay until Monday next year) and drove home. Honestly recovery was a breeze and I could have easily run Tuesday, but waited until Wednesday.

Now it’s all about dissecting what happened at mile 23. I know I need to concentrate on hills and heat and I also need to trouble shoot what else went “wrong”. Nothing really did go wrong, I just am a super driven person and love to push myself.

All in all, an epic weekend. Thank you to @werunsocial, @procompression, @nuun, @honeystinger, @nathanhydration, @newtonrunning, @lululemon and @garmin for a perfect outfit and fuel.



SLO Marathon Ambassador

I’m super thrilled to announce that I’ve been picked to represent   SLO marathon for 2016. So if you’re not sure what SLO is that’s where I got the SLO in my Sloluckyruns. San Luis Obispo California. Where I’ve called home for a decade or so and where I ran my first marathon in 2013. Not my first race but my first full, so the event has special meaning 😊 San Luis Obispo is on the central coast of California and is a Mecca for vacation folks looking for gorgeous weather, stunning views, wineries galore and lots of outdoor activities. SLO marathon this year will be hosted on April 29- May 1, 2016.

The course meanders through the winery region and is a hilly course, but so scenic you don’t even notice (well maybe just a little!)

The expo gets better and better each year and there’s plenty of parking, view for spectators and port a potties! The course is well marked and manned with aid stations.

Come for a weekend of running and fun, join me! @raceslo #raceslo

La Cuesta Ranch 25k Race ReCap

Start of Trail Race La Cuesta Ranch

All week the weather channel showed rain for the whole race, so I was prepared for that and I knew no matter what, it would be muddy as we’ve had SO much rain lately. Race morning dawned with no rain predicted till 11 am, so that was cool. I packed a hat just in case. I live close enough to La Cuesta Ranch so I walled over in the morning. I was thinking “smart girl, your car won’t get muddy” and man was I right! La Cuesta Ranch is a gorgeous private working ranch in San Luis Obispo. Literally right in town, behind the college and on the way up the Cuesta Grade. Luis Escobar (Born to Run fame as well as the ultra races in SLO and Santa Barbara counties, put on the event. Check out for more information or find him on Facebook at All We Do is Run. He’s a great guy, very funny, and a wicked sense of humor. When he gave the race start info he said “you’re gonna get lost if you don’t pay attention and email me tomorrow all pissed off. I will respond with the “f” word….fantastic!” LOL, gotta love that. Outfit is Asics trail shoes (didn’t wear my Newtons cause of all the rain), pro compression socks, Oiselle shorts and shirt and Brooks vest. With Nathan Hydration pack, Nuun, Honey Stinger. 

Me and Luis Escobar, Race Director

Anyway, I plan to run more of his races he is that cool and the races are that epic. We started off with the owner of the ranch shooting off a shot gun! Totally authentic and really was super cool. What better way to start a trail race? We took off and right away there was a hill. Dang, trail race directors love their hills. I was doing the 25k which is roughly 15.3 miles.  I was thinking of doing the 50k and my teen was razzing me about it “you have all this fancy gear and you’re only doing the 25k?” but I didn’t want to bite off more than I could chew, so had picked the 25k. Very glad I did. I am working up to longer trail races and ultras and do not want to burn myself out mentally. I want to end each race still loving it; and that’s exactly what happened.

La Cuesta Ranch

Above is a picture from the race; as you can see the rain has greened up our trails and hills nicely so I was in heaven the whole time. Sometimes running trails in California is a bummer cause of all the brown. Not today. I felt like I was running in Scotland (I’m Scottish so that was a thrill) or the Pacific North West. Less trees, but green and rain.

Luis prides himself on making trails for us. Sure, we had some ranch roads but we also ran on single track as well as just hillside; basically where the mountain goats would be or the cattle. It was SO much fricking fun. Seriously felt like a kid again and had a huge grin. Don’t get me wrong, this was a tough course and the hills were steep, I felt like they were at 80% grade!, but it was thrilling and fun and just awe inspiring.

A California Forest 

Look at that! For us rain starved Californians this was magical. I took so many pictures, got choked up and just soaked it all in. There were no port-a-potties so we had to pee in the brush. Is it just me or is there something liberating about peeing in the woods? I totally love it. TMI I am sure, but trail runners get it I’m sure!

Mud Galore

Yep, there was that much mud! About two miles of it and then back again through it. People were loosing their shoes in it; I was SO grateful mine stayed on but barely. I didn’t want my hands to be all muddy for 10 miles! This slowed us all down except the very fast of us. Somehow those guys soared through this muck. Now I am sure this could have really put a twist in our run shorts, but everyone just smiled and realized this was part of the journey.

The “Trail” 

Yes, that was the course, the trail! Straight up like a billy goat we went. I loved navigating the rocks and brush…and heading straight up sure tests your heart! WOW, that was a lot. But on top was an incredible view of all of SLO; every vista, 360 degrees. Un-Fricking-Real! WOW. I felt like an explorer back in the day, cresting a ridge and seeing the promised land. Everyone was awesome on the descent, some tricky navigating and we all just were helpful and aware of those around us. I am happy to report I did not fall nor twist and ankle. And again, I was SO grateful for my @procompression socks. Not only did they keep me warm and dry, soothe my legs but they also protected me from cacti, brush and other ouchies.


Socks After the Race

I am also happy to report they washed up totally clean! YAY! Quality product. Throughout the race I wore my Nathan Hydration pack filled with Nuun ( and I ate my Honey Stinger ( This worked out perfectly and I didn’t find I needed anything else. I felt solid the whole race.


The above photo was taken by the race photographer. Please go check out his other work and other photos from the race at He is the nicest guy and also a trail runner. He was out there the whole day taking photos. Speaking of out there awhile was my friend, Dauntless Diva (find her on line or FB). She did the 50k and came in 4th for women I believe. KICK ASS! She is an animal. A mom (still breast feeding) and dealing with some health issues, but she brings it each time. Way to go!

Justin from Running Warehouse and Me

Speaking of seeing folks I know, I saw Justin at the end of the race. For those of you who aren’t local can’t cruise into Running Warehouse, he is one of the dudes behind the whole store. Seriously we are SO lucky to have them here locally. Awesome organization and one that helped put on this whole race. @runwiththehouse

This is a no bling race so be prepared if that is a must for you. At the end we cruise up to the tent, ring a bell, have a whiskey shot if that’s your thing (you would be carrying me home if I drank some!) and then showed your bib. That’s it. Plus lots of high fives and chatting. After that, I walked home, showered and ate the delicious breakfast my teen son had prepared. Laying on the coach in my PJ’s and compression socks the rest of the day, hydrating with Nuun and eating worked for me! Well, I did do some yoga and foam rolled but that was about it.

All in all an unreal amazing experience that I will do again. Thanks Luis!

Hiring a Coach

So Ashley from hired a coach; the same coach that our friend Michelle uses ( Well, that got me thinking. I am not trying to race fast or get a new PR. I want to get strong and build crazy endurance cause I love to run and run and run. I love to do back to back long runs and I love to just be outside. I also love running the trails and I have been doing more and more of those. This is where I feel closest to my Higher Power and where I feel connected to the earth and the animals, one with it all.

So I decided to check the whole coaching thing out. After those two sang her praises, I had to jump on it.

Coach Michelle Clarke at or @runningchic was the gal to call. She is out of Toronto Canada and is amaze-balls. Please google her or check out her webpage and social media.

First off she knows her stuff and has the resume to prove it. She won the Boston to Big Sur Challenge, competes in Cycle Cross, runs Ultras internationally and also competes on the indoor track. So basically everything I adore. Seriously please check her out. I just may have her coach me to biking success too. The photos on her site are fierce!

Second off, I’m pretty stubborn and after years of therapy and being a therapist, as well as losing my voice in a former relationship, I tend to speak my mind. She was SO cool and worked with me to find a plan that truly works for me; my schedule, my triggers, my hang ups, my desires…basically she is working for me. I totally feel the love and support all the way from Toronto (where I actually have family so may have to visit her in person). I also believe that this is a true collaboration. I’ve had coaches for track/cross country, running and bodybuilding before and I always just said “how high” when they said “jump.” This time we are a team and I am eating it up. She was smart enough to get me to buy in; and I adore smart, sassy, sexy, wise women who are also athletic. HAHA!

I’ve started following the plan we created together. She is super reasonable in price, has a You Tube channel, sends me videos of strength workouts, had me send her a video of me running, and so much more. The plan is uber dialed into my schedule and she didn’t chide me when I ran an extra day; how could I not, since I had a cute outfit, new shoes and it was sunny. Turned out to be my fastest day in months.

Plus she was so helpful and encouraging with my trail race and I feel totally confident that I will be ready for even more trail races with some solid finishes in the months to come!

I truly feel that I will gain strength and endurance plus a little speed with the plan we developed and again, I feel honored to be working with such elite talent. She is #badass. And the kind of woman I love to be around, hang out with and now get coached by. Check her out!